For our corporate Olympiad activities, teams compete in different fun and engaging outdoor teambuilding activities. The challenges are designed to encourage team communication, collaboration and to enhance bonding. Activities mix will be designed according to client needs and space available.


Inspired by the TV Series Survivor, our Corporate Survivor event challenges individuals, and teams in a bid to outlast the other tribe. Teams create team chants, identity and strategize on how to beat their opponents in physically demanding activities to become ultimate corporate survivors. Faced with a variety of physical and mental challenges, the tribes must compete against each other to earn immunity idols. These Idols are like gold and can be the difference between winning and losing. Watch as teamwork, communication, strategies, and trust are built in your team.


This fun and engaging activity gives teams an opportunity to race against time whilst completing engaging and fun activities. Teams need to out-wit, out-smart, out-pace their competitors on a predetermined route. Various challenges and bonus missions will ensure that speed is not the deciding factor as you navigate your way across the route in search of our checkpoints to collect clues.


In this Activity, teams compete against each other in replicating a dish as presented by our Chef of choice. Our strict judges will score this dish for creativity, taste, presentation, and teamwork. There are numerous twists of this activity depending on budgets, location, and size of teams.


These low energy demanding activities that we offer include activities such as minute to win it challenges, dance and sing offs, comedy  etc. Our consultant will assist you to come up with a super fun activity mix guaranteed to generate lots of laughs and encourage development of team skills as per your needs. 


Take your team out on a fun night. Bynage Teambuilding will design a programme for you based on your needs. Activities for a fun night out include Boma Dinner, Comedy night, Murder Mystery Dinner, and Minute to Win It Challenges. Our consultant will help you pick activities that complement identified needs.


Treat your team to a truly unique African Experience, a Boma dinner under the stars, with a backdrop of the Savannah and wildlife in the background. You might be invited to drum along to the African beat complemented with spectacular dance shows, or you might be invited to take part in a cultural culinary adventure.


A murder has been committed during dinner, but who did it? During this very engaging dinner, guests follow a story line, either by acting out the story provided, getting into allocated characters or by following the story unfold as actors tell it. The common theme of this event is that a murder is committed during the dinner and your team must collect all clues and figure out who did it. This engaging dinner will give your team memories for decades.

Other fun night themes include Comedy Nights, Karaoke nights and Cocktail making Challenges.


Bring out the child in you with this activity! Scavenger hunts are one way to engage employees, engender team spirit, competitiveness, and a desire to attain goals, complete tasks, solve problems, and overcome challenges. Bynage Teambuilding is always coming up with extra spicy scavenger hunts that will energise your team. Scavenger hunts can be facilitated on site or in a resort.