At Bynage Teambuilding, we understand that besides your customers, your Human Resources are the most important components of your organisation. To help your team function better, we have designed ultimate, fantastic & relevant corporate teambuilding activities to bring out the best from your team.

Our activities aim to deliver maximum impact on your company culture, inspire your team for brilliance, motivate and speed up team bonding in a safe and fun environment. We tailor make each event to make sure we meet your expectations plus more. Our activities are customisable to any group size and we can facilitate at any venue of your choice.


To bring teams to a place where lifelong bonds can be formed, talents affirmed, friendships nurtured and personal visions are birthed.


To ignite productivity in teams buy inspiring high performance and professional brilliance.


Experience the lesson, be inspired for brilliance.


• Integrity: We always do what we said we would do for you

• Safety: We aim for zero injuries and zero incidences as far as safety is concerned

• Collaboration: We believe that there can be nothing for you without you, all activities are designed to address your needs

• Respect: Every participant adds value, we provide a platform for every participant to contribute, be heard and be valued


Bynage Teambuilding utilises carefully selected facilitators who not only understand Quality Service but they also know how to dish out fun to ensure that your business truly meets up with pleasure. All our facilitators are trained in basic first Aid to ensure safety of participants at all times. Each Event that we facilitate is planned and executed to the highest of standards. All Our programs are based on experiential learning model, we believe experience is the best teacher.


Team building has been shown to improve a company’s bottom line if done right. Research has shown that companies that engage their employees have better products hence they make more profits than companies that neglect employee engagement.

However, if not purposefully designed, teambuilding activities will just introduce unhealthy competition without challenging individuals to become better. Bynage Teambuilding events are purposeful and well moderated, we ensure that each team goes back to the office better than when we first met them.

After going through a well-moderated team building activity, your Company can expect to see the following team benefits:

• Improved Communication

• Increased Team productivity

• Improved Morale

• Shared Purpose/Goals

• Sharing of Compelling Vision

• Breakdown of barriers

• Ignited creativity

• Identification of talents within the team

• Employee engagement and retention

• Increased job satisfaction

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