When it comes to teambuilding activities in Limpopo, Bynage Teambuilding is fast becoming the teambuilding company of choice. We proudly announce that we now offer a thrilling combination of Safari Tours and Quadbiking with our newest product, The Quabike Safari Tour which takes place within the heart of Protea the Ranch Resort, located 25 Km outside Polokwane City. Our trail is designed to foster team cohesion through an adrenaline-fueled experience, in an off-road journey that promises not only excitement but also strategic team development.

The Safari Quadbike Ride is a purposeful exploration through rugged terrains, combining the thrill of quad biking with an extraordinary safari experience. Set against the backdrop of The Ranch Resort, the Safari Quadbike Ride takes place in a picturesque environment playing host to diverse animal species with close to 100 animal species and about 250 bird species. The resort’s natural surroundings contribute to the immersive nature of the adventure, creating an ideal setting for team development.

Safety is paramount in all our activities, and the Safari Quadbike Ride is no exception. Experienced guides conduct thorough safety briefings, ensuring participants are well-versed in proper usage and equipped with appropriate safety gear. This commitment to safety allows teams to focus on the experience without compromising well-being.

This activity takes riders aged 12 and above. Participants aged 4-11 can take part as passengers.

For teams seeking an adventure that seamlessly combines the thrill of off-road quad biking with strategic team-building objectives, the Safari Quadbike Ride is an ideal choice. Book your team’s quadbike adventure today on 0027718816378.

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