The Protea Ranch Resort, Kolobe Tented Campsite, Polokwane activities- April 21, 2023 –

Bynage Teambuilding, a renowned team-building and adventure company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest addition to their offerings – the Team-Building Adventure Rope Course, located at The Ranch Resort in the breathtaking Kolobe Tented Campsite. This exciting adventure course promises an unforgettable experience for groups of all ages and sizes, including leadership camps, sports teams, youth groups, corporates, and families.

Featuring a thrilling combination of high ropes challenges, Jacob’s Ladder, Leap of Faith and other exciting obstacles, the Team-Building Adventure Rope Course is designed to promote teamwork, communication, and leadership skills in a fun and challenging environment. Participants will have the opportunity to push their limits, conquer their fears, and bond with their team as they navigate through the course, which is set against the backdrop of the beautiful Kolobe Tented Campsite at The Ranch Resort.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce this Team-Building Adventure Rope Course at The Ranch Resort,” said Stokozile Manyowa, CEO of Bynage Teambuilding. “This new offering is perfect for groups looking to build stronger connections, foster team spirit, and enhance their leadership skills in a unique and adventurous way. We believe that this experience will provide an unforgettable adventure that will challenge and inspire participants to work together, overcome obstacles, and achieve new heights.”

Leadership camps, sports teams, youth groups, corporates, and families looking to book this thrilling team-building adventure can contact Bynage Teambuilding at to get group specific quotes.



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