So you have been tasked to plan the most important event of the year for your company, your team building Event; Congratulations!
Are you wondering though how best to execute your task so that your co workers will not be left disappointed with the event?
I want to you to know that most people find the planning task daunting, to some, teambuilding events have now become a cliché. If you do not choose service providers well, you will do the same old same old activities to the dismay of your team
But what if I can tell you that you can create a memorable event that your co workers will talk about for years.
Here is a step-by-step journey of how to achieve your goal
Step 1
Perform a group needs assessment.

Investigate why this team building event has ben proposed in the first place.
Is it meant to stimulate bonding? Has the office space turned low key toxic, and you need to break the ice? Are you advocating for a certain project? Is it just a year end celebration or party so to speak?
The purpose of the teambuilding event will ultimately inform your activity choice
Step 2
Make sure you find out the budget before running around looking for supplier quotes

Having a budget will save you so much time, you avoid running around to service providers who are not suitable for you. It assists you to narrow down your search and appoint the best service providers. It also removes the tedious back and forth between you and managers and then you and service provider. If you approach professional teambuilding planners, just giving them a budget upfront helps them to propose the best activities for you, without trying to guess your limits.
Decide on a Theme

Now that you know what you want to achieve with your event and you have a budget, you can now choose a theme.
Do you want to host a fun day out? Do you want to go in the bush for camping ? Do you want to cook? Do you want a dinner? Adventure? Are you looking for high energy or low energy activities?
After deciding on a theme, you can now look for service providers who cater for your theme


Identify your Venue and Menu

Most teambuilding consultants will have venues to recommend you go to. But I must warn you that you must do due diligence in searching for the right venue. In my experience the right teambuilding event has three main components. Amazing facilitators, the right setting or venue, followed by the right menu. If any of those three is messed up, you might affect the experience for your team

Step 5

Work out a winning Itinerary

Your teambuilding consultants may help you with this. But just ensure that there is no idle time that has not been properly planned for unless you are planning a relaxation, leisure, or wellness session. Idle time will disrupt team cohesiveness.

Step 6

Plan to capture all memories.
It’s always a great idea to have a photographer on hand who will be capturing your team in action. If your team building event has ben well planned as I assume it will be, there will be no time for phones at all. Everyone will be enjoying the activities so you might end up not capturing cool moments, after all you will be the moment.

I hope the tips above will help you to plan a successful and memorable teambuilding event. Where possible let us Bynage Teambuilding assist you in planning an event that your team will talk about for decades.

Now that you have picked a theme which serves your purpose, you appointed Teambuilding facilitators who can execute your theme, you chose thee perfect venue and menu, your itinerary is exciting, you can go ahead and participate in creating corporate memories of a lifetime. Do not hesitate to contact us Bynage Teambuilding to assist you in planning your year end function.

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