COVID 19 brought with it many challenges and changes to company team dynamics, some positive but others negative.
On the positive side, companies quickly learnt to adapt to technologies designed to assist them in working together remotely, thereby reducing time wasted in travelling to work, settling down or even chit chats during breaks.
On the downside, the two years teams spent apart in isolation, created a strain and disconnection on teams.
Besides loss of team members to the virus and the trauma brought about to some, by fighting for life without social support , COVID introduced communication breakdown and lowered team morale.
Team bonds which could have been forged within new teams were distorted. Soft Skills needed to build efficient or well-oiled teams were severely tested
It is for these reasons that companies must now invest in offsite meetings and teambuilding activities, be it outdoor teambuilding or indoor teambuilding events, in a pro-active effort to promote team healing and wellness. Teams should be afforded an opportunity to come together this time as survivors and comrades, not just co workers seeking to make a living.
At Bynage Teambuilding our products are well designed to improve team bonding and to provide experiential learning opportunities where teams can connect at a deeper and comfortable level of being human first.



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