This year, Bynage Teambuilding in partnership with Protea the Ranch Resort, facilitated a highly interactive and high energy Boma Dinner experience, where guests met up for a candlelight dinner around the fireplace.

The setting itself was enchanting, lit up by lanterns and fire pits. The backdrop of the event was the natural Savannah, with sounds of wildlife in the background making the dinner truly memorable.

The Boma Dinner experience took guests on a truly African journey, from the setting, the culinary experience and cultural group activities facilitated thereof. Its main aim was to create shared positive memories, inspire friendships and advocate for the spirit of Ubuntu. The boma dinner is a true celebration of our African heritage

At Bynage Teambuilding, our Boma Dinner’s highlight is always the Marimba band and drumming sessions which are always winners with the crowds.

The great thing about the Boma Dinner experience is that for a moment, participants forget their ages, nationalities or even their tribes just to listen and connect with the African drum and marimba sounds which do not have a specific dialect, except a sound of love and friendship. You do not even have to be a great singer or dancer for you to enjoy the boma. The experience is designed for everyone.

Countries represented at the event included Ireland, Scotland, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Britain, and South Africa

We are grateful for the Support that we got from the following companies:

Peak Pam Projects

T2 Tech Engineers

SRQS Quantity Surveys

HWA Engineering Projects

Toyota Limpopo

Mercedes Benz


FNB Cycad

KIPP North Engineers

Dorun Facilities Maintenance

Friends and Families

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